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On Apple’s Must-See TV


All of the reasons Marco Arment lists as to why Apple won’t build an actual television are good ones. But they’re also all good reasons why the market badly needs to be disrupted — and is ripe for it.

The argument that televisions are “an extremely competitive, commoditized market with very slim margins and most purchasing decisions going to whoever has the most features” sounds exactly like the PC market 15 years ago.

Remember, Apple was going to fail at computers because price is all that matters. A decade later, Apple was going to fail at phones because price is all that matters. 

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In an effort to target Tumblr’s highly engaged community of fashion and design enthusiasts, footwear company Aldo has launched a contest to identify and reward “the next stars of Tumblr.”

Participants will need to follow Aldo Rise on Tumblr to enter — a requirement that will no doubt do much to increase Aldo’s following on the platform.


Give your Tumblr a new look for the new year! Win a consultation with a design team, a custom built Tumblr theme (valued at $1,000), and 5 reblogs of your content from ALDO RISE. Click here to enter to win!

Winners will be selected on the quality of their Tumblr content, volume of notes and followers, and personality of their Tumblr. Contest closes on January 15th, so don’t sit on it!


The New York Times is reporting that the MTA is reassessing the width of its’ seats on public transit to account for our nation’s ever increasing backsides.

It’s interesting how our country is being redesigned for the new normal. Every industry is making their own rules— the airlines make obese people buy two seats for example. 

But the one thing that frustrates me about the airlines is the policy charging passengers for luggage based on weight:

Me: 159 pounds + 55 pound suitcase

Guy in front of me: 300 pounds + 45 pound suitcase

I get charged a hefty weight fine because my suitcase is 5 pounds overweight. If airlines are going to charge us for the weight of our luggage, they should assess our total weight, not just the weight of our luggage. It’s only fair.

When I write, I fall into the zone many writers, painters, musicians, athletes, and craftsmen of all sorts seem to share: In doing something I enjoy and am expert at, deliberate thoughts fall aside and it is all just there. I think of the next word no more than the composer thinks of the next note.

Roger Ebert on the joy of writing. I love this thought. I tried to convey the same thing a few weeks ago while thinking about my (much shorter) career as a writer:

The real key is rhythm. When you’re regularly blogging, you get a rhythm going and it keeps going. Content is key, of course, but at times, words can seem to find a flow. It’s almost as if you don’t have to think about what you’re going to write, you just write it.

You should read all 15 of the excerpts from Ebert’s memoir Life Itself, that The Atlantic collected.

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